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Ryan Shank Tops Day 1c of Golden Gates Regional with 377,000

Ryan Shank

Day 1c of the $360 Golden Gates Regional Event is in the books. This flight was the biggest thus far with 268 entries, but only 37 players bagged up after 15 levels of play.

Coming out on top at the end of the day is Ryan Shank with a healthy stack of 377,000 and right behind him is Shane Murphy with 376,000. Both of them will be looking to lock up their first recorded tournament victory.

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Ryan Shank Thorton, CO 377,000
Shane Murphy East Bridgwater 376,000
Patrick Suzuki Pueble, CO 315,000
Sean Vongsakoun Lakewood, CO 280,000
Zack Gutierrez Denver, CO 279,000
Kevin Kurtz Castle Rock, CO 262,000
Miguel Navarro Aurora, CO 237,000
Dmitri Amirov Brooklyn, NY 201,000
Richard Mijures Aurora, CO 195,000
Andrew Dea Parker, CO 180,000
David StJohn Lakewood, CO 180,000
Phillip Gioia Wheatridge, CO 157,000
Naval Subbarayan Parker, CO 149,000
David Lewis Denver, CO 148,000
Gary Schneider Castle Pines, CO 147,000
Brent Cunnungham Colorado Springs, CO 145,000
Barb Visher Denver, CO 140,000
Mansour Alipoursard Boulder, CO 134,000
Paul Holder Crawford, CO 130,000
Brian Beck Breckenridge, CO 119,000
Jared Johnson Denver, CO 115,000
Steve Koerner Parker, CO 113,000
Michael Bublitz Aurora, CO 103,000
Evan Miller Denver, CO 100,000
Thomas Fisher Englewood , CO 91,000
Walter Treccarich Cantnia, Italy 86,000
James Swan Centennial, CO 80,000
Philip Cummings 80,000
Chris Carlson Wheatland, WY 78,000
Mark Staryer Granby, CO 76,000
Brent Vaughn Bolder, CO 75,000
Dino Aragon Highland Ranch, CO 73,000
James Lee Eagle, CO 67,000
Clarence Fulkins Thorton, CO 60,000
James Gosselin Denver, CO 59,000
Kelly De Jaynes Cavewood, CO 55,000
John Biond Thorton, CO 43,000