Potawatomi Hotel & Casino: April 4 - 7, 2019


MSPT Poker Bowl III Champ Brian Wilson Wins A Big Flip

Created (4/5/2019 11:15:49 PM by Brandon Temple)
Brian Wilson

Matt Kirby raised to 4,500 from UTG, and George Aldrich called in the cutoff. Brian Wilson three-bet jammed for 77,600 in the small blind, and Kirby folded. Aldrich tanked for some time before eventually calling off.


It was a big flip for the duo, and Aldrich held on the flop. The turn left Wilson looking for an ace or king to survive.

“Goddammit!” Aldrich said when the fell on the river, and he knocked his chips over in frustration. After counting down his stack, it was determined he had 75,300, eliminating him from the tournament.

“Good luck guys,” Aldrich said after confirming his bustout.

Brian Wilson - 160,000 (80 bb)
George Aldrich - Busted