Potawatomi Casino: November 11 - 19, 2017


Tammi Endemann Trips Up John Rumishek

Created (11/19/2017 1:10:43 AM by Brandon Temple)
Tammi Endemann

Tammi Endemann and John Rumishek ended up all-in on a flop, the former for her last 57,700.

“You have aces?” Rumishek asked Endemann, who shook her head.


“That’s what I get for being tricky with kings,” he lamented.

The was of no consequence, and the actually improved Endemann to a full house, securing her a big double.

“Sorry, I like you...not the sweatshirt, but I like you.” Endemann said, referencing Rumishek’s Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt.

Tammi Endemann - 160,000 (80 bb)
John Rumishek - 40,000 (20 bb)