Potawatomi Casino: November 11 - 19, 2017


Adam Dembowski, Soul Crusher

Created (11/19/2017 1:34:12 AM by Brandon Temple)
Adam Demowski

Rick Syverud raised to 5,000 from early-position, and was three-bet to 13,500 by Adam Dembowski in middle-position. John Schroeder pumped things up with a four-bet to 28,500, which was enough to get Syverud out of the way, but Dembowski made the call.

The flop saw Schroeder tank for about a minute before betting 30,500. Dembowski thought briefly, then softly said, “All in,” which was snapped off by Schroeder.


Dembowski flopped top pair, but ran smack into Schroeder’s flopped Broadway straight.

The on the turn had someone say “Hearts!” and lo and behold, the spiked on the river to give Dembowski an unlikely flush and a miracle winner!

“F***!” Schroeder said as his tournament was ended. Demowski pumped his fist and said, “Yes!” as he jumped to over 350,000 as the end of Day 1B approaches.

Adam Demowski - 360,000 (180 bb)
John Schroeder - Busted