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MSPT Chop Policy & Procedures

  1. The tournament prize pool disbursement, as set forth herein, may be modified upon unanimous written agreement of management and of all tournament players still involved in the tournament.
  2. The tournament clock continues to run during chop discussions, we do not pause the clock.
  3. If agreed upon chop does not end tournament immediately, players must play for at least 10% of the remaining prize pool.
  4. If agreed upon chop immediately ends tournament (ICM for example), the current chip leader is awarded trophy.
  5. If agreed upon chop does not end tournament and players continue to play for 10% of remaining prize pool, eventual winner gets trophy.
  6. At the first point of a chop agreement, no additional Player of the Year points will be accrued. For example, if the first chop is 6-ways, no players will be awarded greater than 6th place POY points for that event.
  7. Process: each player will be given a black card and a red card. Black card is yes, Red card is no. Each player will place selected card face down in the pile. If there is one Red card, play will resume as is. If all cards are Black, the tournament chop has been agreed to.